“Remember how you used to lay my work clothes out for me every night?”

“Uh huh.”

“And you used to pack my bag and my lunch and everything?”


“What happened?”

“You kept knocking me up. Now I have real kids to take care of.”

“Oooh! Burn!”

I licked my thumb, touched it to my bum and made a sizzle sound.

Dave raised his eyebrows and tried to look sexy. He doesn’t know he looks sexiest when he isn’t trying.

I think I’m going to surprise him by laying out some clothes for him tonight. I actually like doing it, because I like making Dave happy. And I like it when he looks more like a man and less like Mr. Goodbar. It’s really the little things that Dave thrives on, anyway. Like when I put love notes in the lunch I packed him instead of telling him, “There’s food out there. If you want to eat, you better grab something.” Or when I wake him up with kisses in the dark, then slowly bring up the lights rather than flipping them on, tossing laundry on the bed and screaming, “The kids are out of control!!!! GET UP!” Or when I greet him at the door when he comes home from work, preferably braless, with a cold drink in one hand and the remote control in the other.

It’d be easy to shrug all that off and act like Dave has some insane 1950’s expectations for a wife, but that really only works if he was asking me to do those things and I was opposed to them. I used to do them all! The truth is, I’ve been a slacker. And not just in the Wifely Duties (nonsexual) category. The stuff I don’t do that I used to do is piling up, literally. My house is a Disaster! Disorganized! Embarrassing! Overwhelming!

I have decided the solution for all my problems lies in reorganizing the playroom to make it more functional for the kids AND I NEED YOUR HELP!

Along one wall of the room is a window seat with an open closet on either side.

Lucy in the window seat

Playroom closet 1

Playroom closet 2

Lucy and her army of Elmo's

I love the window seat. I’d like to keep it as it is – well, minus the crayon scribbles on the wall.

But I know I can make better use of the closet space. I’d really like to be using it for toys, games, and craft supplies instead of, well, nothing. I had tried using some of these hanging storage thingies from Ikea, but they didn’t work out so well. They don’t really hold all that much and the kids kept ripping them down, anyway. So I ask, what would you do there?

I’m thinking of adding shelves. I figure I can pick up some shelf brackets and wood and have at it this weekend. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, keeping in mind that I am doing it myself with limited funds and skill. I know you’re just bubbling with ideas. Head to the comments and go! Go! GO!

Hey! Flashback Photo! Julia. Window Seat. 2006. Back when I used to “watermark” my photos for fear of thievery.


Oh, silly me.