life has been crazy
so, it’s another haiku
but I’ve made a list

Things I Want To Write About:

1. Softball. T-ball. Softball vs. T-ball. Working Title: Softball Is Anything But Soft.

2. Lucy’s piano class.

3. World War G: Julia vs. Mommy.

4. Phoebe’s newfound mobility. With video?

5. The Great Snail Invasion.

6. Okay, so I’m fat: Things you shouldn’t say unless you’re ready to sumo wrestle me (i.e. Fat Friend Conversation Ettiquette).

7. My awesome husband. (That’s not sarcasm.)

Of course, you realize now that I’ve made a list and published it, the rebel in me won’t allow me to abide by it. Unless I rebel against my inner rebel. It could happen. I’m all deep thoughts up in here!

Another haiku:

haikus are great as
they force me to be concise
and get to the point

And just one more:

Lucy says to me:
“I’m a unicorn and my
horn is musical!”