A thing of beauty: Freshly made fingerpaint in little baby food jars

wee chubby fingers
can’t resist squishy colors
delicious* as this

*I mean delicious in a “hungry eyes” kind of way. We’re not going to eat the paint. Though you can.

**I just tasted the paint. Just because you can eat it, doesn’t mean you should eat it. Of course, people tell me the same is true for fast food and oreo cookies. They taste better than the paint, though.

***I used the homemade fingerpaint recipe from Easie Peasie that I found via The Crafty Crow. But tasting the paint was my idea.

I’ve had a thing for origami lately. I’m not very good at it, though. So, I figured if I started out simple and tried a new one each day, I might get better. This means Julia gets stuff like this in her lunchbox:

Origami pencil

Me: “Check it out. What do you think?”

Dave: “What is it, a house?”

Me: “Dude, it’s a pencil. You can’t see that?”

Pencil joke question

Pencil joke answer

Dave: “Oh yeah…I guess.”

Me: “Tomorrow, I’m making her an origami ninja.”

Dave: “Do you have a ninja joke?”

Me: “Ninjas are no joke, David.”

Dave: “Are you going to write something on it?”

Me: “If I did, it’d be in invisible ink.”

Dave: “You could just put nothing in there and be like, ‘Julia, did you find the ninja?’ and she’d be like, ‘No,’ and you’d be like, ‘Exactly.'”

Me: “I think you’re missing the point of my origami project.”

Dave: “I think you’re missing the point of ninjas.”

Me: “Maybe I’ll do a frog instead.”

Look what Lucy made!

Lucy and her melted crayon "stained glass" craft

(She’s totally pretending she’s not loving the fact that her picture is being taken.)

It’s a faux stained glass window fashioned from melted crayons and wax paper!

Dave's masterpiece

Dave made one, as well. And you probably did, too. In second grade.

Melted Crayon "Stained Glass"

Aren’t they pretty?

My plan is to create something with Lucy every day while Julia is in school (and sometimes when she’s not). I even made a chart!

Craft schedule

At this point in my life, if it isn’t preplanned and written on a chart or a checklist, it’s not going to happen. That includes things like breakfast, laundry and brushing my teeth. I actually have to write things like this down to get them done.

You know that feeling you get when you’re talking and you forget what you were trying to say as you’re saying it? That. That‘s how I feel all the time.

I may have brain worms. I don’t know.

(I just added “Google brain worms” to my to-do list.)

How do you stay organized? I need some tips. Also, some ideas for things to make with Lucy. So, lay it on me. Whatcha got, internet?

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