I’ve had a thing for origami lately. I’m not very good at it, though. So, I figured if I started out simple and tried a new one each day, I might get better. This means Julia gets stuff like this in her lunchbox:

Origami pencil

Me: “Check it out. What do you think?”

Dave: “What is it, a house?”

Me: “Dude, it’s a pencil. You can’t see that?”

Pencil joke question

Pencil joke answer

Dave: “Oh yeah…I guess.”

Me: “Tomorrow, I’m making her an origami ninja.”

Dave: “Do you have a ninja joke?”

Me: “Ninjas are no joke, David.”

Dave: “Are you going to write something on it?”

Me: “If I did, it’d be in invisible ink.”

Dave: “You could just put nothing in there and be like, ‘Julia, did you find the ninja?’ and she’d be like, ‘No,’ and you’d be like, ‘Exactly.'”

Me: “I think you’re missing the point of my origami project.”

Dave: “I think you’re missing the point of ninjas.”

Me: “Maybe I’ll do a frog instead.”