Dave joined a co-ed double-header softball league for Fall. He plays on Sundays near work.

Here’s the thing about Sundays: Dave is either coming off a 12 hour shift at work or getting ready to start one.

Here’s the thing about work: It’s about an hour or more away from our house.

You’d think Dave would prefer to rest on Sunday. He does not. Dave prefers softball. Always and forever. The End. I prefer to watch Dave play softball. The day we met, I watched him play softball. And since we’ve been married, I can count on one hand the games I’ve missed watching him play. So on Sunday, after working 12 hours, Dave was doing this:

Dave pitching a double-header

And I was doing this:

Dave running to second

(I’m taking his picture (in case that wasn’t clear). I’m not actually IN the picture. That’d be crazy.)

After the game, because he can’t get enough softball EVER, he had the girls get their gloves out to play a little more.

Playing catch

Lucy runs to second

Monkey in the middle

“Hey Dave, you haven’t slept in, like, 24 hours. Wanna head home?”

"I got it!"

“Sleep!!?!? Who needs sleep? Let’s run some bases, girls!”

Running the bases

Julia takes the lead

Eh, softball. At least he doesn’t have a mistress.