My van’s “Door Ajar” dashboard light and the corresponding “Ding!” along with the automatic locks and interior lights have started going on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off for a reason I cannot discern. It started yesterday on the way to take Julia to school. I spent the trip there and back stopping periodically to get out and run around the van slamming all the doors. This did nothing but exacerbate my annoyance. And entertain the kids.

“Mommy, your face is all red!”

“Yeah, what were you yelling out there?”

“Nevermind. How about some music?”

We turned up Billboard’s Top Hits of 1969, particularly this. We discussed going The Partridge Family route and painting the van in a Mondrian inspired pattern and heading to Caesar’s Palace. But then everything started looking a little warped and curved, Lucy zoned out, Phoebe passed out and Julia started seeing sound as color.

I think I’ll just schedule Vanessa for some maintenance instead.