I’ve been making friendship bracelets. I started with one – just to show Julia how to do it. Then she wanted another one in different colors, so I did that. We made a few more together and, one night, when I couldn’t sleep, I found myself making more and pretending it was 1988.


There was something soothing about that.

Even the simple act of making them is soothing. Cross, slip, pull, repeat! You know how some people will rock back and forth to soothe themselves? This has been my that, I think. It’s better than choking someone. Mostly because choking someone is illegal. Even if they do that thing where they pretend to be understanding or giving you a compliment, but they’re really insulting you? You can’t choke someone for that. Well, you could, but you shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to, though. And in that case, you can easily keep your hands busy with a project like this while you remember a simpler time when it was Your Prerogative.* And friendships could be both created and strengthened with a little bit of string.