I truly believe that the best way to heal is to love. I know this partly because of our cat Christy.

Christy in 1995

She joined our family – my mom, dad and me – in 1995 during a very difficult time. The details don’t matter – Christy didn’t care about them. Cats don’t care about all that much. They don’t care if you’re broken. Or broke. Or fat. Or mentally ill. They don’t worry about how you could or should be better or different. They just understand you as you are. And they love you. More importantly, they let you love them. Christy did that for us at a time when we really needed it.


Last night, Christy died. Though my heart is aching, it is also thankful for the sixteen years I had to love her. It turns out that loving is one of the best ways to live, too.