Halloween is almost here and Julia still doesn’t have a costume. Lucy and Phoebe are sorted as they are still small enough to fit in infant and toddler sizes which offer plenty of adorable options designed for comfort and warmth. But Julia is neither an infant nor a toddler. Julia is now a girl. And sizes jump from 5T to SluT as far as costumes go it seems.

I offered to make her a costume – any costume she could dream up! I mean, between my mom and me, we can make just about anything. (Remember the spider? Not too shabby, right?) I told her about the year I went as a T.V. I offered to make her a gumball machine costume! But something homemade is just plain embarrassing, apparently.

So, we hit the stores.

“I could be a cat,” Julia told me as we browsed the costume rack.

I agreed, “Sure, a cat would be good.”

Mom's idea of a cat costume

(Note: The role of “me” is being played by Phoebe in this picture.)

I was thinking putty tat, like Sylvester.

Julia's idea of a cat costume

She was thinking pussy cat, like the dolls. Or Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman. With less clothing.

Okay, so the one she liked isn’t terrible, but 1) it’s about as much of a cat costume as my leopard print underpants are and 2) it covers about as much of her body. Is it even worth it to pay for something that we’re going to cover up with a heavy coat anyhow? It’s October in Ohio. Come on. She has an old pair of ears in her dress up closet and I have face paint in my make-up bag. She could wear one of her dance leotards or something. Do we need to buy it? No. So that’s what I said.

She said my ideas were lame.

Alas, we are at an impasse. And since my policy is “No Costume, No Candy,” it is possible that my seven year old may be sitting out on Trick or Treat this year. Is that crazy? Yes, it is. I’m sure we’ll figure something out by the big night. Still. What are your kids going as this Halloween? Where do you draw the line on costumes in terms of price and modesty? I’d love to know.