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I wonder what they were implying.

Me (to the store clerk): “Oh, and we have five doughnuts.”

Store Clerk (to Lucy who is holding up the bag and beaming): “Is there a doughnut in there for you?”

Lucy: “Yes, yes. Only the chocolate- only the chocolate one is mine.”

Store Clerk (to the OTHER Store Clerk as we are leaving): “Only the chocolate one is hers? How many were in there?”

OTHER Store Clerk (raising her eyebrows): “Five?”

Store Clerk (raising her eyebrows and nodding): “Uh huh.”

I think we may have found our annual pumpkin patch destination.

Fall isn’t complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch. Usually, we try to go to a different place each year. But, we loved the place we visited last time so much, we had to go again to Ramseyer Farms.

There’s so much to do there. And it’s just enough fun that we may abandon our wandering ways and go there again next year.

I’ve never been good at playing it cool.

You know what’s awesome? BlogHer. Know what’s awesomer? Having my post syndicated on BlogHer.

Syndicated on

Yeah, it’s real. See for yourself. Leave a comment on it. Or Sparkle it! You know, if you want. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just making suggestions.

Maybe you’re busy.

I’m supposed to be doing dishes, but instead I’m basking in the glow of my laptop screen and feeling stupendous.

You know, my eyes match the blue in the BlogHer logo. It’s like I belong there! (You do, too. Go ahead and go now!)

Your little green turtle is dead!

My family hosted an exchange student from Germany during my senior year of high school. It was a fantastic experience. I realize it doesn’t work out this way for everyone. Every student and family is different. A poor match could make a year seem like a lifetime. Our year flew by because our German Girl – that’s what she calls herself when she comments here – meshed so well with our family. She came with an open mind and an attitude of learning. She wanted to spend her year in the U.S. living like an American. And I had a great time showing her how it’s done, introducing her to peanut butter, shaved armpits and slang.

Me (on the way home from the airport): “Once you’ve had some rest, we can go out and I’ll show you around and stuff.”

German Girl: “Leslie, what is all this ‘stuff’ you keep talking about? What is ‘stuff’?”

Me: “Uhhh…stuff. Stuff? Hmmm…stuff is…well, stuff is everything! Stuff is, like…well, it’s like…”

The girl really made me think – from the moment she stepped off the plane. I mean, have you ever considered how funny it is to call it “going to the bathroom” even when you’re peeing in the woods?

We quickly became the very best of friends as German Girl is the best conversationalist ever. We spent so much time talking. Oh, how we talked! About anything and everything. We talked long and deep. She had no shortage of opinions and she loved hearing mine. Our exchanges were effortless and inspiring and hilarious and meaningful. And I miss that. Still. I have yet to find someone who can fill that space.

Her visit changed me. She provided a wonderful opportunity for me to try and see my life from an outside perspective. I began to understand how much I took for granted. And how much I assumed because I simply never knew anything different. Thanks to her, I know that people, no matter where they live or what language they speak, are more alike than they are different, that there’s not just one way to do anything and that the highest compliment you can pay anyone is to have a genuine interest in them.

We’ve managed to keep in touch over the years. She even came back to visit when I got married (the first time). But people grow and change. As time has passed, she’s felt further and further away. Until now. Now, she is about to be a mother. And I feel as if we’re coming together again. And she’s not just visiting this time. She’s coming to live where I live – in the mother hood. I want to throw her a party. I want to write her a book. I want to take her on a road trip to who-cares-where because everyone knows the best conversations happen on long rides in the car and we have so much to talk about. But I can’t. So, instead, I sent her a gift for her new baby: a turtle (custom made by my good friend Amy) in honor of Aristotles, her dead American pet. (It’s a whole other story.)

Turtle for German Girl

(You can see more of Amy’s handiwork at The Fuzzy Forest Etsy Shop.)

I also sent her wedding gift. Finally. The one that’s been sitting in the Family Room on a shelf with a post-it that reads “Mail to German Girl” since 2007.

I hope that little package is enough to make her feel the ocean of love I have in my heart for her. And I hope that if her baby is a girl, she’ll name her after me.

I’m not digging for compliments. I’m asking for them outright.

If you were to drive past my house after dark during the month of October, this is what you would see:

House-'o-Lantern (front)

It’s a House-o’-Lantern!

We have another one in a side window.

House-'o-Lantern (side)

Unfortunately or fortunately – I don’t know which – there aren’t many people who actually drive past my house. It’s very likely my House-‘o-Lanterns will be seen by more cats than people which is unfortunate because cats hate home decor (just ask my mums!) and my House-‘o-Lanterns really look sort of good. It’s not often that I try things that turn out right. They almost make me want to have a Halloween party.

You’re invited!
Where: My House
Why: To admire my incredible homemade decorations! That I made!
When: Eh, nevermind. Parties are a lot of work.

But the House-o’-Lanterns? Sort of easy. Obviously.

The Condemned

Lucy (immersed in imaginary play): “I called the police about the bad guy. I told them to condemn him.”

Me (impressed):Condemn, huh? That’s a big word. You’re pretty smart, Lucy.”

Julia (jealous and, therefore, grumpy): “Oh yeah? She probably doesn’t even know what it means.”

Me: “She seems to. She used it in a sentence.”

Julia (rolling her eyes): “Pshaw! She probably couldn’t do it again.”

Lucy: “Yes I can, Julia. I condemn your face!”

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