Today, we crumpled up some packing paper and stuck it to the wall in the configuration of a tree. Then we fashioned construction paper in the shape of leaves using scissors. We wrote upon the leaves that for which we are thankful and added them to the branches. We called it our Thankful Tree. We made one last year and decided we’d like to do it this year and every year, too. We intend to add leaves to the tree over the next few weeks and on Thanksgiving we will declare, “It is finished” and eat pie. I’ll probably post a picture for you then, too. I’d do it now, but the sun has gone down and it’s not in an area of the house with great picture-taking lighting and also we haven’t added enough leaves to cover up the part of the wall that obviously needs repainted. But I will tell you what we’re thankful for so far and that is: Julia, Lucy, Phoebe, Dave, mom and dad, our house, music, books, cats, the fish, Uno, cotton candy, Sunday morning breakfast, electric, noodles, friends, the world, and love. Julia also listed all of her teachers since preschool.

What are you thankful for? Do you have a Thankful Tree or some other cool way of expressing your gratitude?