Christmas is a time of unbridled joy. And yeah, that sounds good, but the unbridled joy of three small children is actually quite dangerous to an average house and its sleep-deprived and weary keeper. I find a Christmas countdown is a great way to rein in the happiness so as not to explode one’s eyeballs. Or one’s father’s eardrums. It also helps us keep our focus on our family and what’s really most important to us. And so, this year, mostly because I had to go and buy a Crock Pot that I hadn’t budgeted for, I set out to create a Christmas Countdown that would cost us no money to make or do.

I folded 24 squares of Christmas wrap from last year’s scraps into envelopes like this.

Christmas Countdown Envelopes

I numbered them from 1 to 24.

Christmas Countdown Day 1

And inside, I wrote some fun Christmas things to do like Decorate a family member like a Christmas tree, and Sing Christmas carols by candlelight, and Write The Grimmett’s 12 Days of Christmas.

Make paper snowflakes!

They’re residing in a stocking on our mantel.

The mantel

We began last night by making paper snowflakes (with the help of this video). Tonight, we will play Christmas Pictionary. We will continue to open one envelope each day at dinner and take part in the activity listed until Christmas, thus keeping all eyeballs and eardrums in tact.