It’s 2012 and those soothsayers Motley Crue once sang to us, “Change. Now it’s time for change. Nothing stays the same. Now it’s time for change.” (Really, they did. It wasn’t a hit or anything, but yeah.) (It’s actually a really good song.) I think they were probably talking about me. And now. And my underwear.

Here are the underwear I was wearing when I got pregnant with Phoebe. Not at the exact moment or anything, but these are an example of the size of skivvies I was wearing around the time Phoebe came to be.

Pre-Phoebe Undies

Now, here they are resting atop the underwear I wear now.

Pre-Phoebe undies about to be swallowed by my current undies.

I want to be back to this.

Pre-Phoebe Undies

So, I’m working on that. And other things. But this thing? This is the BIG THING.

What big things are you working on?