Lucy: “Mom, you know that part of your face above your eye?”

Me: “Your forehead?”

Lucy: “No, lower.”

Me: “Your eyebrows?”

Lucy: “No…”

Me (finally turning around in my car seat to see what the heck she’s talking about): “Oh, your eyelid?”

Lucy: “This is the part where you have to put color to be a girl.”

Me: “What!?!”

Lucy: “Girls put color there. That makes them girls.”

Me: “Where did you learn this?”

Lucy: “Mom, I just know it.”

I found this confusing and disturbing considering I am the female she spends the most time with and I rarely wear make up on my eyelids. I’m on the outs with eye shadow right now and my affair with eye liner ended months ago. Right now, I’m pretty much a mascara and lipstick chick. And that’s not even true. I’m a mascara and lip pencil/lip gloss combo gal. I wear no foundation or concealer* on my face because my skin is pretty good on its own, if you ask me, and I don’t know how to choose the right color anyway. I’d rather look natural. No make up is better than misapplied make up.

The thing is, I am not a girly girl. I don’t doll my daughters up in frilly things. I don’t get squealy about hairdos. I own a modest amount of shoes. This is why I was caught off guard when a desire for a Coach purse crept up on me. What? Why? The last purse I bought was on clearance at my local pharmacy for $4.00.

Sad, old purse.  And Phoebe's lunch, apparently.

And you know about the one I bought before that, which means you also know how uncomfortable I am with spending money on myself, which means I’ll never own a Coach purse, even if the one I want is one of the least expensive as far as Coach purses go.

So, I started looking around the internet. For purses. Me! And that’s where I found my new purse.

My new purse!

Isn’t it beautiful? I found it in Joan Burke’s shop on Etsy. It came all the way from Ireland, where I like to believe it was made in a stone cottage at the base of waterfall at the end of a rainbow to the sound of a tin whistle. It just may be the prettiest accessory I own. And because I don’t change my purse with my outfit, it will be with me every day of my life until it falls apart. Or someone buys me that Coach purse. And then, I WILL change my purse with my outfit. I may even put on a little make up.

* In the spirit of full disclosure, I must tell you that I not only use, but am completely in love with the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller. (No one is paying me to tell you this. The link to that product is an Amazon affiliate link, though.) Technically, I guess this is concealer. I prefer the term “miracle.”

** No one is paying me to tell you I love my purse. Or Joan Burke’s designs. Or that Coach purse.