It’s been warm-enough-to-wear-shorts weather for many days in a row which means I’ve had to shave my legs. That’s not really a complaint. I feel sexier when I shave my legs and the sexier I feel, the luckier Dave gets. The luckier Dave gets, the more generous Dave feels. And when Dave is feeling generous, he says things like, “Why don’t you go ahead and get that wallet you’ve been talking about to go with your new purse?”

Three of you just rolled your eyes and said, “Is she still talking about her purse?”

Yes. Yes, I am. (And also my wallet.) Because I’m not used to this extravagance! And I’m not sure I fully expressed how much I love my purse, so I will tell you this: I love my purse so much, I bought one for my mom, too.

Purse pals!

We’re purse pals!

And I hadn’t told you how very sweet Joan Burke – the maker of my purse – is. You see, when my purse arrived, it had a little gift with it.

Rose pin

And a handwritten thank you.

I immediately sent Joan a message to thank her for my perfect purse and the gorgeous rose pin she sent along. I mentioned that Julia loved the pin, too, and had already snatched it from me. And her response? “But the other little girls got nothing!” She’d seen in my profile that I had three and insisted on sending Lucy and Phoebe something, too. And so, when my mom’s purse arrived, I found another pin for me, one for my mom and a little something for each of the girls in the package.




It made them feel so special. Me, too. And I think I love my purse even more.

Disclosure statement: No one is paid me to blog about these items. I just really love and appreciate them!