We have two enormous white boards in our house. One lives in the breakfast nook for the purpose of displaying the dinner schedule, recipes, and notes about not eating the real bacon pieces or shredded cheese if you want potato soup on Sunday. The other board lives in the dining room. This is where I write the day of the week, stuff about what’s happening that day, reminders, and the message that was on my Yogi tea bag.

(I love that they do this.

Yogi tea message

After weeks of getting unique messages, I got that one three days in a row. So, I downloaded a gratitude journal app to my phone.

Gratitude app

That was my first entry. Message received, Universe.)

We also use that board to keep track of our weight loss “progress,” make lists, post notes and play Pictionary. Currently, it also contains a variety of countdowns of things we are either looking forward to or trying to endure, most notably, the number of school days remaining until summer break, because when summer beak begins, we can do more stuff like this.


That’s my family enjoying the supermoon and looking for meteors way past bedtime.

Did you see the supermoon on Saturday? The camera didn’t capture how bright that moon was, but it did capture an orb across the field.


Pac-Man (middle right)

And Pac-Man (middle right), which makes sense, because he eats ghosts.

What are you looking forward to? What are you trying to endure?