Phoebe loves to play in the sand box.

Phoebe in the sand box

Oh, the sand box. It’s really just a suggestion for the whereabouts of sand rather than a definite container. It’s so hard to keep sand in there. And once it’s out, it’s even harder to put back. I know because Lucy dumped some outside the box at a play date once and I was asked to clean it up. It’s easier to build a skyscraper out of tissues than it is to scoop sand out of grass.

Playing in the sand

I’m actually pretty free-wheeling when it comes to the sand box. The kids cart containers of it all over the yard serving it as meals from their “restaurant.” They’ve dumped buckets of it down the slide. They’ve showered themselves in it. They’ve enjoyed it in almost every imaginable way, which is why no matter how much we wash, it’s always in their hair and all over my house.

Pretending to sleep

I’m okay with that.