Dave coaches Julia’s softball team. I teach at the dance studio where she takes classes.

Today is the dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s big recital. Tonight is the third round of the softball tournament her team has been winning. (You guys, they are on such a roll!)

If her team wins the game, they will play again Saturday at 4 p.m. The dance recital, where she’ll be awarded her five-year participation award, is Saturday at 5 p.m. (26.3 miles away from the field.)

(If they lose the softball game, they’ll still play on Saturday, but earlier in the day, which means Julia can make it to both, but another one of her teammates will face the dilemma with her dance recital and game times.)

Julia’s been playing ball and taking dance since she was three. (Seriously. Click that link. There are pictures.)

I realize this is a trivial problem in the grand scheme of things. People out there are facing foreclosures, unemployment, even death…and I’m worrying about which extracurricular activity we should choose. Still. Damn.