We woke up this morning and found an empty chrysalis in our butterfly habitat.

Empty chrysalis

And this.


Overnight, a butterfly had been born.

Julia: “A butterfly was born, Mom?”

Me: “Uh huh.”

Julia: “Like it didn’t exist before?”

Me: “It wasn’t a butterfly before.”

Julia: “It was a caterpillar.”

Me: “You got it.”

Julia: “Well, if you’re saying it was just born last night, what would you call it when it hatched from an egg into a caterpillar? Actually, I think it was born then.”

Me: “Oh, for goodness sake Julia, YES! It was born THEN!!! The thing is, we now have a butterfly, okay?”

Julia: “Well, we’re supposed to be learning from this. I’m just asking questions…to get it right.”

Me: “Julia, you are absolutely 100% right.”

Julia: “I know.”

Overnight, a butterfly had emerged. Two actually. To celebrate, I made some finger paint and encouraged the kids to make hand print butterflies, which Julia did. Of course.

Handprint butterfly

Lucy was not inspired to paint a butterfly.

Finger painting!

And Bee…

Painting the paper.

…preferred to paint…

Painting her hair.

…with her head.

Sure, your head can be a painbrush.

Good times.

Finger paint

Meanwhile, we’ve kicked our Butterfly Watch up a notch. We’re hoping to witness the birth emergence of a butterfly from one of our remaining chrysalids in the next day or so.