Today, I turned 36 and we released our butterflies, but not before we observed them for a while.

Butterflies eating

“Heyyyy-oh, so what if I’m on the table again


…are those butterflies?”

I want to pet you.

“Yummmm-oh, I mean, oh! Butterflies! C’mere butterflies, I want to pet you…with my razor sharp cat claws.”

I want to kiss you.

“Nom nom nommmmwah, butterflies!”

Picasso guards the butterflies

“Wha-bite them? I’d never bite them. No, no, that wasn’t ‘nom‘ you heard. It was ‘Mwah!‘ Didn’t you hear that mwah! I was kissing them. For real, Leslie. Just carry on. I got it. I’ll watch the butterflies for you.”

We didn’t trust the cat. And a butterfly that can’t fly free is sort of a sad idea, so we left them go.

It was beautiful.