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How to Make a Lazy Summer Afternoon

1. Build a tent.


(Thank you Rhythm of the Home for the inspiration.)

2. Lay a fuzzy blanket inside.


3. Let the kids discover it.

Phoebe in the tent

Lucy in the tent

Julia reading

Julia reads and Lucy naps

4. Don’t forget the popsicles.

Popsicles in the tent

Phoebe eats a popsicle

Friday Night in Pictures: Best Friends and Baseball

Julia and her friends at the Aeros game

Grandma, Phoebe and Lucy watch the Aeros game



Outdoor seats

Waving their glow sticks

Fireworks at Canal Park

My Cleaning Process When Guests Are Coming

1. Decide the house must be impeccably clean – not a thing out of place! Begin organizing the spice rack alphabetically.

2. Realize that, while the cabinets are quite organized, two hours have gone by and the rest of the house is a disaster.

3. Panic and lower standards.

4. Begin sorting toys.

5. How did this sandwich get in the toy box? How long has it been there?

6. Sob uncontrollably, rend garments and declare, “I am the worst mother in the wooooorrrrlllld!”

7. Realize that it’s 3 a.m. There’s no time for this shit!

8. Repeat step 3.

9. Assign one room as the “junk room” and start hauling everything not put away into it. Shut the door and leave it behind.

10. Clean every visible area and pray no one moves anything.

11. Go to bed and have anxious dreams about cleaning. And being on How Clean Is Your House? Or some other completely humiliating public unveiling of complete and utter failure!

12. Wake up resigned to the fact that impeccable is impossible. Reward the effort by eating all the leftover cupcake icing.

Lucy asked, “Are you looking for a cache?” And the woman said, “No, I don’t need any money.” Hehe. Muggles.

Do you know what’s fun? Geocaching. It used to totally be Our Thing. I don’t think I can say that officially anymore, though, since our last outing was in April. Of 2011. Well, at least until yesterday when we hit the trail again!

On the trail

We found a great series of caches along the Towpath Trail just north of Navarre, Ohio.

Dave and the big girls

It was perfect! The weather was beautiful, the trail was well-kept and the caches were right along it, which made it easy for everyone – even my little Bee.

Dave and Bee on the trail

Most of the caches were small.

Mommy found it!

But easy enough to find.

Julia found it!

Which everyone did.

Lucy searching for a cache

There was one to look for about every 0.1 mile.

Looking for a cache

There was a ton of wildlife along the trail, too.


Like bunnies and chipmunks.

More turtles

And turtles! We spent a lot of time watching turtles of all sizes. We even saw baby ducklings! Also a snake. (No exclamation point.)

Me and my big girls

We walked and talked and sang and laughed and met lots of friendly dogs and their owners.

Lucy and Dave found a cache!

It was a lovely day, except for Bee’s dive off the trail and down the bank toward the green water. Luckily, Dave was there to save her. My sunglasses were lost in the panic, however, and couldn’t be retrieved.

Walking back to the van

Somewhere out there, a frog is looking pretty damn cool.

Pop goes the world!*

My mom is on vacation this week, so we’ve been doing all kinds of fun stuff together. On Sunday, we went to the Akron Zoo with some good friends. And yes, of course I have pictures!

Lucy on the zoo sign


Lucy spreads her wings

Bee on the rope bridge

Friends at the zoo

Touching a horseshoe crab

Phoebe under the sea

Julia, Bee and Dave on the carousel

Lucy and grandma on the carousel

Friends at the zoo

Dave and me at the Akron Zoo

And yesterday, we took a bike ride.

Bikes (my mom took this picture)

Yes, those are men’s bikes. My bike needs a tire and my mom’s bike isn’t as nice as my dad’s bike and so, there you have it. We rode on men’s bikes. (Is there really even a difference?)

Mom and the girls

While we were out, we saw a large and unidentifiable cat-like animal (mountain lion? no, seriously) cross the path ahead of us. We pedaled away from it as fast and as far as we could and I’ll just come right out and tell you: we are terrible at escaping mortal danger by bicycle. We went neither far nor fast. And I’m sore in places that are only meant to be treated tenderly.

Tomorrow, we will go geocaching.

Meanwhile, Lucy has a calico kitten. She’s named her Holy Guacamole. (Guacamole for short.)

Lucy and her kitten Guacamole

This is probably my very favorite cat name ever.

Julia has been doing “school” with Lucy pretty much every day since her summer break started. She set up a desk in the breakfast nook.

Lucy does "school"

She makes her write her letters.

Lucy's writing

And her numbers. They also read, do art or music, and then have lunch. They do all of this without me. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I’ve been leaning toward grateful? (Does that seem right?)

Phoebe is going through a naked phase. Also a destructive phase and a reckless climbing phase which makes me a little anxious, but at least there’s less laundry.

I’m reading a book called Be Happy Without Being Perfect: How to Worry Less and Enjoy Life More and thinking about making a giant bubble to play in. The kids can play in it, too, if they want.

*Just because I cannot get that song out of my head! Dang Tide commercial.

3,000 Words and 7 Syllables (or Three Pictures and a Haiku)

one hot, May Sunday

Ready for a Day out with Thomas

we had a date with a train


his name was Thomas

Riding Thomas

The Opposite of Puppy Love

Jasper is our oldest cat. He’d already been around a while when he joined our family in 2007 and fell in love with Janis (formerly known as The Evil Cat).

Jasper and Janice

And though he seems to have faded with the years, their love hasn’t.

Jasper and Janice in love

Getting old doesn’t seem all that bad for Jasper.

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