what a waste of time
pushing dirt around the world
it’s here, now it’s there

an endless cycle
sweep it up and throw it out
tomorrow, it’s back

“Girls, stay out of there! I just mopped that floor. It needs to dry!”

dirt, dirt and more dirt
where does it come from and why,
oh, why won’t it leave?

(let’s assume that “dirt”
includes stickiness and goo,
grease and other stuff)

(and by other stuff
I mean that stuff I found, but
can’t identify)

I just wish my will
to clean up the dirt surpassed
my hatred of it

“Two words: House Keeper.”
“I couldn’t do that,” I said.
“I’ve got too much pride.”

“Mooooom! Phoebe spilled jelly! And now she’s rubbing it all over the floor!”

And not enough cash
to afford a housekeeper