Last weekend, my mom took us all to Kennywood for her company picnic and Julia rode her first roller coaster.

Julia's First Roller Coaster Ride

(Julia’s photo commentary: “Wow, I have a lot of hair.”)

I wasn’t jealous that Dave took her on her inaugural ride, even though I love roller coasters and he’s sort of scared of them. I was busy over in Kiddieland anyway watching Lucy be The Big Sister. She held Phoebe’s hand and helped her get on each ride. And when the ride was done, she waited patiently to take her hand and walk back to me. It was sweet.

Here they are on The Whippersnapper.

Lucy and Phoebe ride The Whippersnapper




And eight hours later.

The end of the day

We shut the park down. Because we’re wild ones. Ooooh.