I posted the following video, How I Ended Up With Seventeen Kittens, a little more than four years ago.

Of course, we didn’t give away all seventeen of those kittens. The truth is, few people give a rat’s ass about cats. We had more people offer to come and shoot them for us than we had offers to adopt them. Only some of the cats were adoptable, anyway. Some of them were pretty feral. Instead, we got them fixed and cared for them ourselves.

By 2009, we had fixed nearly thirty cats (give or take a few, courtesy of the drop-offs we’d gotten, the handful of adoptions we organized, and the cats we couldn’t catch right away). Thirty cats. And you know how hard it is to catch them (and to pay for them).

Now, three years and a whole lot more spay/neuter surgeries later, I can finally, for the first time, tell you that all of our cats – and by that, I mean every feline that shows up at dinnertime to eat at our house – is fixed. Some of them, we’ve fixed and never seen again. Others, like that very first wild cat we couldn’t catch right away, are still hanging around, lounging on our porch and enjoying the comforts of our garage.

To some people, that makes us crazy idiots; to others, heroes. To me? It makes me able to sleep at night. Tonight, I will sleep better than I have in more than four years.