Lucy had school today, but Julia didn’t. Dave had plans with Phoebe, so Julia and I spent the morning together, just the two of us. Now, I make sure Julia and I get some “just us” time each week, but it’s usually packed full of things we need to get done and the clock is ticking the entire time. Not today. Today we took Lucy to school and had three lovely hours to “waste” until we picked her back up.

Julia at Lake Park

So often, I have that feeling of panic that Julia is growing up so fast, that I’m losing my little girl. She’s so mature compared to her sisters and I find myself expecting so much from her sometimes. But today, it was just us and I was “Mommy,” not “Mom.” And when I asked her what she wanted to do, it was climb and play and run and explore rather than window shop or get her hair done. She couldn’t care less about getting grass stains on her knees or dirt on her butt. She called out for me to, “Watch this, Mommy!” and was full of questions and observations and crazy ideas. She was playful and innocent, and still so very little.