Julia came home from school yesterday and asked me to make some Halloween treats. “The Fall party is tomorrow and I said you’d make some.”

“The Fall party is TOMORROW?”

I’d had an experience earlier this week that left me feeling so completely low and useless and unworthy of living that I’ve been pretty much curled up in a ball for two days. (Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime.) (Maybe not.) But this made me sit up.

I called her teacher and indeed, it was true. And yes, I could supply treats and also cups.

I hung up the phone and stood at the counter tapping my pencil on a pad and looking serious.

“It’s short notice, huh?” Dave asked cautiously. He’s been so worried about me.

I continued to look serious.

“Are you mad?”

“Mad? Are you kidding? I just saw my Bat Signal, dude. I’m getting to work!”

I actually LOVE party-doing, treat-making stuff, even at the last minute. My only concern was that I didn’t have enough time to come up with 1) something mind-blowingly awesome the likes of which the third grade Fall party has never seen before and/or 2) something so labor intensive and elaborate that, even if it’s been done before, there could be no denying it’s (and by virtue, my) awesomeness.

Julia recommended I go with the Frankenmallows I’d made for her preschool class. The fact that she’d remembered them after four years (that’s half her lifetime!) and that they didn’t require baking solidified them as The Best Option.


And because they didn’t seem like quite enough, we also made Strawberry Ghosts.


We call them Straw-Boo-eys!

It’s funny how the simplest things can lift you up.