It’s Halloween!

The Grimmett Ghouls ready to Trick or Treat

Next year on this day, we’ll have a seven month old baby. I can’t quite wrap my head around that, or the fact that the movie Ghostbusters came out 28 years ago. (Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads. Am I right?)

Over the weekend we carved the pumpkins we retrieved from the pumpkin patch to resemble gruesome heads that will soften and rot away on our porch, as you do, and we allowed Julia to cut her own all by herself. WITH A KNIFE. ALL BY HERSELF.


(Hers is the second from the left.)(And yes, that IS dust all over my piano!)

So, there’s no need for scary movies this season. I’ve had my fill of fright.

Later, we will eat brain cupcakes and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Tomorrow (or this weekend, if I’m feeling lazy) This weekend, we will put up our Thankful Tree.

Same as it ever was…