It’s Election Day, thank goodness. I’d planned to vote early this morning and then Julia asked if she could come along. She’s been pretty interested in this election, so I decided to wait to vote until after school when I could take her with me.

Maybe I was a dull kid, but I don’t remember being aware of politics all that much at the age of 8. I still thought my parents were the supreme rulers of everything then.

Julia, however, has really paid attention to the campaigns and asked a lot of thoughtful questions about the candidates and the whole election process. She even held a mock debate with Lucy who asserted she should be President because she “can run fast and be very scary.”

Since I still hadn’t voted by the time Dave got home today, we made it a family event. We grabbed Pee Paw (that’s my dad) and piled into the van.

Lucy accompanied me to the voting booth.

Lucy came along with me to vote

She was pretty excited about that. (She doesn’t remember coming along the last time.)

And then Julia tagged along with Dave.

Dave and Julia after voting

Phoebe provided moral support from her car seat in the form of a wail that could be heard throughout the county. Then she ate my I OHIOINSTEADOFAHEART Voting sticker.

I’ve said plenty to the girls about my personal political beliefs recently, but what I really hope they come away from all this realizing is how important it is to vote. Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to be heard. People have given their lives to give us a voice. I hope they’ll always use theirs.