For me, they start with Thanksgiving (more specifically, when I put the turkey in the brine for Thanksgiving) and end on New Year’s Day (on which I take down the Christmas tree, which had gone up no sooner than the day after Thanksgiving.) Some people begin celebrating at (or even before!) Halloween, with the overriding theme being CHRISTMAS, and bless those crazies and their incredible endurance. I just don’t have the stamina. I can be excited about Christmas for one month. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

We are now within my celebratory time frame. I am excited about Christmas.

We’ll be counting down to the big day, just like last year, because it was cheap, easy and fun. If only I’d written down all the stuff we did last year. Right now, I’m re-list-making and stalled out at 16 things.

1. Visit the Festival of Lights at Oglebay
2. Make a Christmas wish paper chain
3. Visit the Christmas store & buy an ornament
4. Make paper snowflakes and hang them up
5. Build a gingerbread house
6. Write a Christmas Mad Lib
7. Play Christmas Pictionary
8. Sing Christmas carols by candlelight
9. Visit the Live Nativity
10. Make magic reindeer food for Christmas Eve
11. Make Christmas Cookies
12. Play Christmas Bingo
13. Have a paper snowball fight
14. Drink hot cocoa while wearing whipped cream Santa beards
15. Write and sing the Grimmett’s 12 days of Christmas
16. Decorate a family member (we all know it will be Dave) like a Christmas tree

I’ve scoured the internet and there are plenty of creative ideas floating around out there, but they need to be things I can actually manage to do on what will mostly be school nights this month. Also, they need to be things I actually want to do.

Ah, 17. Drink Egg Nog

Anyway, the countdown begins on December 1st. I’ve got time to come up with stuff. It’ll be even easier if you share your ideas. Got any?