Lucy’s preschool Christmas party is next Wednesday and I am, officially, The Bringer of Christmas Crafts. (And not just because I asked to be.) (Okay, sure, I volunteered, but they still had to pick me. They chose to put the Christmas Party Craft in my hands.) (Really, I’m not trying to make it a big deal or anything, but of all the parties, the Christmas one is The Big One, especially for crafts, and they did put it in writing. On the party paper sheet – the one that went home to everyone – under the heading of Christmas Party, subheading Helpers, was printed my name, dash, CRAFT. ALL CAPS.)

I’m not the most creative person, but I’ve heard of The Pinterest and I’m one hell of a Googler, so I’m fairly convincing when I want to pretend to be one. And lo, the ideal preschool Christmas party craft came upon me and the glory of ingenuity shone round about me. And I said unto myself: We’ll do I Spy Ornaments!

I Spy Ornaments for Lucy's Preschool Party

I Spy ornaments are all over the internet, but I first saw them at Craft Snob and felt inspired and started gathering supplies.

The makings of an I Spy Ornament

I found clear plastic ornaments for the best price at Walmart. The EcoFlurries came from JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts. (You don’t have to use EcoFlurries. I picked them because they’re nice and light, and my hope is these will end up hanging on Christmas trees.)

I Spy Ornament guts

The trinket items also came from JoAnn’s, but if you’re going to make these, please try the dollar store first. I found similar items there for much less after I’d already bought this stuff and ripped it all open. Lesson learned.

Since most of the kids in Lucy’s class are just beginning to read, I photographed each of the items so I could include a picture alongside the typed list, which I printed on cardstock. (You may also notice that the list rhymes. That’s called Kicking It Up A Notch.)

I hope the kids will have a good time putting these together next week. (I’m imagining whooping and cheering and a ticker tape parade! Although I’d be pleased with a rousing rendition of For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow or a slow clap turned Lucy’s Mom! Lucy’s Mom! chant. Or maybe just some smiles. You know, whatever.)

*See how I did that? With the Beastie Boys lyric?