I have some strong feelings about Christmas cards, but is it just me, or are people not into sending them so much anymore? (They’re not.) I haven’t received a single card this year! Of course, I haven’t sent any, either, and – get ready for this – I’m not going to. I know. I know! It’s just so hard to justify the expense if people aren’t sending them, especially when you can go the way of the fast, easy and free electronic holiday greeting. Sending a Christmas card this year would be like giving gifts of money in doubloons or something. (This is what I’m telling myself.)

Still, giving up the card is hard for me and it’s not for the lack of greetings taped to my archway, like you’d expect. The part of the Christmas card experience I’ll miss is the Christmas Card Photo.

Here’s our 2007 photo, from the just-Julia era.

Christmas Greeting

Introducing Lucy in 2008.

Merry Christmas

Some outtakes from the 2009 photo shoot.

Christmas Card Photo Outtakes

And then there was Phoebe in 2010.

Merry Christmas!

Finally, my favorite, from 2011.

Christmas Card Photo 2011

I guess I could still do a Christmas card photo, even if there’s no card to put it on. I could post it here. People still come here, right?