I was thankful to have a project to throw myself into over the weekend. The devastating news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday has been impossible to process. Even as details have emerged, there is nothing that makes it all make sense. The loss is unfathomable. The grief is overwhelming. My heart is with the community of Newtown, CT – the families, children, teachers, service personnel and all those affected by this tragedy. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. But I was serving no one sitting, glued to Twitter and sobbing helplessly. So, I worked on this –

Teacher Gifts

– our 2012 Teacher Gifts.

I saw this genius idea from Kimberly Kaiser on Pinterest and used some painting tips from Young House Love to create my own “Thanks for helping me grow!” pots.

Rather than paint the message, I decided to use chalkboard paint so the girls can write it on and sign their names. Then, the teacher can change it later to suit their needs, if they’d like.

They aren’t perfect by any means, but I think they’re the perfect gift from a family with more time and talent than money to give. I was able to pick up the pots for $1.50 each, since they’re off-season right now, and I already had all the paint I used. It only took a few hours of painting over two days.

I spent most of that time thinking about the teachers these gifts were going to and the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They’re a beautiful reminder that there is good in this world.