I got to peek at my baby boy today.

Baby boy

He was all sprawled out as, once again, I’m making too much amniotic fluid. (I made too much with Julia. And Phoebe. [But not Lucy.])

“You’re such an overachiever,” Dave said.


“You can’t just make amniotic fluid, you have to make THE MOST AMNIOTIC FLUID EVER,” he said raising a fist in the air.

The ultrasound technician laughed. “Well, it’s better than not making enough.”

Then she took a look at the ventricles of Jackson’s brain and his spine since they were difficult to view at my last ultrasound.

They looked just fine, in case you were wondering.

I’m wondering whether or not my son should be circumcised. Have you had to make this decision? What did you do? Also, if you own a penis, A) is it circumcised? B) are you happy about that? C) if not, do you blame your mother?

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  1. Triplezmom on December 20, 2012 7:06 pm

    My boys are circumcised. I totally put that ball in the husband’s court since he’s got one. He is circumcised and quite happy, so that’s what we did.

    I love, love, love the name Jackson.

    I made too much amniotic fluid with the girl – so much so that there was a gush and a huge splash during my c-section. The end was not fun, but she was happy as a clam.

  2. April on December 20, 2012 7:43 pm

    the twins are circumcised. i felt it was the right thing to do because eventually, they are going to have to be naked with other people…like locker rooms or future sex partners. I don’t want them to ever feel embarrassed or inferior because I made the decision to spare them very little pain that they would never remember anyway. I have a friend who grew up Amish. He is uncircumcised, and now that he has chosen not to live that life he is considering getting circumcised because, as he put it, it freaks girls out.

  3. Jen on December 20, 2012 9:15 pm

    I don’t have kids (yet), but when I do, I feel pretty strongly against circumcision. In almost all cases, it’s a completely unnecessary procedure. It removes pleasurable nerve endings. Pretty much everyone would agree that female circumcision is mutilation, so I don’t understand why it’s so acceptable for males in our culture. Much of the world doesn’t do it. (Western world Europe for example)

    And the “freaked out” thing is just an unfortunate example of buying into how we’re told things are “supposed” to look. Many adult women actually prefer an uncircumcised penis, for reasons I won’t go into here.

    Just my controversial 2 cents! 🙂

  4. kim on December 20, 2012 9:37 pm

    I agree with jen. I did a lot of research incase we had a boy. There is a lot of information on the web. Make an informed choice 🙂

  5. Jennifer Dawn on December 20, 2012 9:58 pm

    Our son was circumcised per my husband’s request. I left the decision up to him. I didn’t have a strong opinion either way, and honestly, I still don’t know what I would have decided if it were up to me!
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I don’t think there is a right or wrong choice. Just a choice. 🙂

  6. Veronica on December 21, 2012 3:18 am

    We decided against circumcision, because we didn’t feel that it actually did anything and research shows that it actually removes nerve endings that are useful when they’re older. We’ve not had any issues with this, even as he gets older.

    Personally, I’m pretty anti-circ, but I don’t screech about it.

  7. Veronica on December 21, 2012 3:34 am

    Also, on the freaks girls out thing – is that a US cultural thing? Because AFAIK most men and boys here in Aus are actually not circumcised and they get laid plenty.

  8. Korie on December 21, 2012 3:38 am

    Guess you never read my posts on circumcision.

    Tristan isn’t circumcised, neither is my husband. Most Europeans don’t circumcise unless they are Jewish/Muslim or if there is a health problem that requires it.

    I’m saying, from personal experience, that as a woman who was born and raised Jewish and American and who had only come in contact with cut penises my whole adult (and late teen, ahem) life, my husband penis absolutely did NOT “freak me out” on our first sexual encounter.

    I really hate that logic and I think it shows a lot of bias and prejudice and underestimation of girls/women in general.
    We don’t think that women should slice off their labia so that their boyfriends aren’t “grossed out” later in life, so why is that a determining factor for male circumcision?

    Anyway, I’m not super militant on the subject, but now I’m coming across that way, so I’ll try to keep it simple.

    From a woman who has a husband and son that have foreskin, I will tell you that hygiene is not difficult with foreskin. Men with foreskin are no less “clean” than men without. As far as sex goes, I’m hoping you want your son sleeping with women who love him for who he is. If that’s the case, a foreskin shouldn’t deter a girl from loving your son. Also, men with foreskin never have to use lube. Because foreskin preserves the natural moisture. Most of my circumcised boyfriends experience “chafing” at one point or another, usually in their preteens, caused by their hand. Men with foreskin never experience that.
    Unless they have a weird sandpaper fetish.

  9. Allyson on December 21, 2012 9:11 am

    Hey. Both my boys are circumsised b/c that’s what I believed was most hygenic and culturally acceptable at the time. However, after reading much more about it in the last couple of years and learning that my way of thinking was skewed, I wish I would’ve just left my boys intact. I can’t go back now, but if I had to do it all over again, based on my current knowledge of circumcisions, I would not do it.

  10. Allyson on December 21, 2012 9:13 am

    Yikes, I do know how to spell… that’s “circumCised”!

  11. Allyson (another one!!) on December 21, 2012 2:33 pm

    I have three sons, and NO,NO,NO!! my husband at the time was circumcised, but he didn’t want the boys done. Here in Australia it’s not common with the present generation, Of all my friends with sons, only two had the chop. I also totally disagree with the ‘freaked out’ thing. Personally i think that the circumcised willies look more ‘freaky’, especially on a baby….. My new husband is ‘intact’, and it is certainly an entirely better experience for us both. (TMI I know, but you asked for it!!) At the end of the day, legally it’s your decision to make, but really it’s Jacksons. Great name, by the way. oh, and glad we’re all still here!! Merry Christmas!

  12. Kathleen on December 21, 2012 8:00 pm

    My sons aren’t circumcised, and neither was their father. I had never seen an uncircumcised male before him, and it did not “freak” me out at all. Our pediatrician (male) was very anti-circumsizing too. I’m with Jen and so many other commenters, do your research before making a decision. Also talk to your pediatrition. I was raised with 4 brothers, and they were all circumsized. Again, that’s probably just part of that generation.

  13. Jackie on December 22, 2012 11:54 am

    Totally let my husband make this decision. Our son is not circumcised. My husband did not like the idea of our son having to go through unnecessary pain. Didn’t realize how much this was what I was hoping he would decide until after he made the decision. I was relieved. And for what it’s worth: My son is 7 now and we’ve never had any “hygiene issues”.

  14. Jacquie on December 22, 2012 4:11 pm

    I think it all boils down to personal decision.

    My son is. Why? It was just what I thought I would do, my husband is so he was the ultimate deciding factor. I hope one day Keaton doesn’t look at me and say WTH did you do that for?

    But then when I think of my 20+ year old cousin who went in and had it done and his brother who is going to also I hope that my son looks at us and says thank you? Having worked in health care I have seen many a man who has had to go in and have it done for many a reason..

    My Dr was in agreeance also. I think at the end of the day it is something you and Dave will decide what is best for Jackson.

  15. April on December 30, 2012 10:28 pm

    John says to tell you he owns a penis and it’s circumcised. he also thinks you should know he likes it that way and that he does not recall any pain associated with the procedure. he has no resentment for his mother for having chosen to do it. (I’m not so sure she had a choice in 1970’s USA.) However, I can tell you, I was worried about pain when I chose to have the boys’ done. The doctor actually let me witness it. It was simple. Jake didn’t even flinch and JoJo let out exactly one cry. Like I said before, I was worried about acceptance and, in the USA, it’s the accepted thing at this time..although that could change. I gotta admit, I’m offended that anyone would compare the circumcision of a boy to that of a girl. Circ-boys lose their foreskin at birth, an non-vital part of the penis….circumcised girls are put through an excruciatingly painful and humiliating removal of their clitoris, and sometimes even more of the vagina. Circumcised boys are still able to feel immense pleasure during intercourse, whereas circumcised girls are often capable of feeling no pleasure whatsoever, and if they had a type III procedure done to them, they must have their vagina opened to have intercourse, sewn shut to carry a baby and reopened to birth the baby. Boys are circumcised for a variety of reasons, but none of those reasons include taking control over them, making them submissive to their spouse and purposefully removing the ability to experience orgasm. Further, it’s now called female genital mutilation, a term coined by the World Health Organization to differentiate the severity of it from male circumcision.
    I know this is lengthy and I want you to not feel stressed about this decision, but please don’t think male circumcision is anything like female genital mutilation…because that is absurd.

  16. Christine on December 31, 2012 4:47 pm

    My ex-husband and current husband are circumcised but the boys I have with my current husband are not, had only one girl with my ex. Our boys are 7, 2, and 2 months and are perfectly clean little boys. It was a decision my husband and I researched, discussed and decided together. Our research showed that in the US, things are evening out between cut and un-cut boys. My ex’s circ was not done well and he experienced pain during intercourse, his only joy was at climax, so he tried to get there as quickly as possible to avoid further pain. You can guess what problems that led to. My current husband does not suffer from that problem but the “cut” done on him caused some scar tissue and he has a bit of an unnatural curve, which works in my favor in certain positions.(TMI) None of my male family members on either side of the family (mom/dad) are cut and none have had any difficulties. The decision is ultimately up to you, or you could leave it a decision for your son to make when he is of age. He will then know that you respected his right to ownership of his own body. Boys can be taught to keep the uncirc penis clean. Even my two year old helps to keep his clean. As far as the “looking like the dad” arguement, I asked my husband what he would say if the boys asked him. He replied that he would explain that at the time, his mother was told it was the thing to do for cleanliness but that just like everything else, we learn more as time goes on, and the jury is still out on the subject. Ultimately, it is a personal choice and the boy’s responsibility as it is his body. I won’t tell you to do it, I won’t tell you not to. I will only say do the research, check out multiple resources, make sure you know the benefits and the risks, and get your peditrician’s recommendation. Then discuss with your husband. If you decide no, then there is always time to do it if it becomes necessary or if your son chooses it for himself. If you do, it can’t be undone but you’re not some horrible person for doing it either. Good luck!

  17. Toni on January 10, 2013 9:09 am

    One boy is and one boy isn’t. The first time I deferred to my husband because I really didn’t have an opinion and he did. Afterwards, sitting in the exam room nursing my completely distraught baby), I felt terrible. When boy #2 came along I had a very decided opinion and hubby didn’t so I chose. Both boys seem just fine with who they are and at age 8, my older (having watched numerous diaper changes)has never made any remarks to suggest he even notices or cares about the difference.)

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