I was just supposed to have my glucose tolerance test today. Quick in and out. And then the doctor saw me. I ended up having another ultrasound as it seems my immense girth is too extreme to ignore!

I’m still making too much amniotic fluid. I’m like an amniotic fluid factory! Working overtime! I figured as much. My swollen appendages and shiny new stretch marks have been whispering it to me as I navigate my world with the elegance of a turtle on it’s back and gasping like Darth Vader. Also, I think the scale broke when I stepped on it.

Jackson looked perfect, however. Strong, steady heart beat, kicky feet, wiggly fingers, and an adorable little face.

Jackson - profile

He looked like he was enjoying all the extra water in the pool, but he’s getting a little too cozy with the umbilical cord, if you ask me. (That’s actually what you see in front of his face that looks like bubbles.) (The wrinkles in the paper are from Phoebe hugging the picture of her “baby butter.”)

Apparently, the normal range for amniotic fluid is between 8 and 18 cm. The doctor will raise an eyebrow when you hit 25 cm, like I did four weeks ago. And when it measures at 35 cm, like mine did today, it gets very quiet and very serious, very, very fast.

The ultrasound technician and nurses gave me some sympathetic looks and “there, there” pats.

“You look so uncomfortable. I mean, you’ve got to be sooo uncomfortable.”


I wasn’t allowed to stand up right away. “Take your time. We don’t want you to pass out.”

The doctor told me she’d have the results of my glucose test by the end of the day and she’d be calling. “If your test is positive, that could explain it. Gestational diabetes is known to cause extra amniotic fluid.”

(Of course, I made too much amniotic fluid with both Julia and Phoebe, and I didn’t have gestational diabetes. Although I didn’t make nearly as much amniotic fluid and not as early as this and what am I, a doctor? I don’t know. I just don’t want gestational diabetes!)

We talked a little bit about my gnarly old uterus. We talked about having an amniocentesis to remove some of the fluid. She told me she wanted me to see the high risk obstetrician in maternal-fetal medicine and wrote an order to have it scheduled. I scheduled my next appointment with her, said thank you, and left.

Twenty minutes later, the office called. My appointment with maternal-fetal medicine had been scheduled to coincide with my next appointment with my regular OB.

An hour later, the office called again. The high risk obstetrician had reviewed my file. I heard the words “concerned” and “too dangerous” and “the soonest we can see you.” Given, the soonest was next week, and from my experience, the longer you have to wait for your appointment, the less concerned you should be as clearly it’s not an EMERGENCY if you can wait – still, I’m concerned.

Actually, I’m downright scared.

I just want my baby boy – my healthy baby boy. It’d be cool if I’d make it through okay, too.