someone should create
a web filter to protect
us worried Googlers

Dave had temporarily disabled the internet and confiscated my phone. But then he had to go to work for the entire weekend.

Hmmm…maybe if I get even more specific in my wording, Google will reveal the truth! *typing 28 WEEKS PREGNANT SEVERE POLYHYDRAMNIOS 35 cm* (Just kidding.)(No I’m not.)

My appointment with the high risk obstetrician (who is from Akron Children’s Hospital) was moved up, again, which is probably more about scheduling than about me, but the anxiety center in my brain is running around in circles and shouting, “DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! They’re seeing you sooner because the situation is SERIOUS! PANIC! PANIC!!!”

There’s been no word on my glucose test. The doctor had said I’d hear from her by the end of the day yesterday if the news was bad, which I think I was just assuming I’d get because, hello, that’s an answer to the problem! And now that it’s looking like I’m in the clear, gestational diabetes isn’t looking so bad compared to the other stuff I Googled.

Anyway. Let’s talk about something else.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve Googled? Do you search odd word combinations in hopes of getting exactly what you’re looking for? If someone were to create a web filter just for you, what kind of stuff would it need to protect you from?