it’s hard to feel tense
around a napping kitty
(unless you hate cats)

Snoozing kitty on a puzzle

most human beings
require medication
to be so mellow

Napping kitty on a bench



And then Picasso was like, “Oh, are you photographing me? Allow me to pose.”

Posing Picasso

“Here’s my best side. Oh, the tail. Are you getting the tail? Like, the whole tail? I cleaned it for about fifteen minutes before I fell asleep.”

And then Holy Guacamole! was like, “Um, don’t forget about me over here! Hey! Hey look!”

Holy Guacamole

“Cute Show starting in 3…2…1…”

Holy Guacamole being cute


Holy Guacamole says, "You know you wanna pet this."

“Okay, you realize now is when you’re supposed to pet me.”

And I did.