That’s what they said at my specialist appointment yesterday. Taking care of me means I’m taking care of Jackson and that needs to be my top priority, because he needs it. But not because he isn’t healthy!

Jackson 3D profile

Look at that beautiful boy!

We had our SUPER-DUPER-EXTRA-HIGH-QUALITY-ULTRA-AWESOME Ultrasound and the verdict is: he’s perfect! There was no evidence of any problems with Jackson. He has all the right parts and they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Me? I’m screwing everything all up.

I’m still making too much amniotic fluid. (38 cm!) And there’s the whole gestational diabetes craziness. The good news is that my diabetes situation isn’t terrible. My blood sugar levels aren’t too bad. For this reason, the doctors don’t feel that the gestational diabetes and the polyhydramnios are related. But both conditions pose a risk of stillbirth. (Stillbirth. That word is a heart-stopper, isn’t it?) The doctors (and I) want to eliminate as much risk as possible, which means every blood sugar reading needs to be in the normal range. Close isn’t good enough. (They called it diabetes boot camp. “It’s tough, but we have excellent success rates.” And since by “success” they mean “a living, healthy baby,” I’m on board with diabetes boot camp!) My post-meal blood sugar is usually right where it needs to be, but my fasting blood sugar is consistently high, though only by a few digits. And so, today I’ll start taking some medication to help remedy that.

Meanwhile, I’m having regular, and surprisingly strong, contractions. I have been for a few weeks, but we saw the evidence of it during our non-stress test.

“You have to be feeling that,” the nurse said showing me the spikes on the readout from the fetal monitor.

“Oh, YES.”

You really don’t need a monitor to know when I’m contracting. Just put your hands on my belly!

(We also discovered that Jackson responds every time I laugh. Dave asked if they could write a prescription for me to do that more.)

The contractions are how my uterus is reacting to the extra amniotic fluid. My cervix is closed, though, so all is well. I’ll have weekly ultrasounds, bi-weekly non-stress tests, and daily kick counting to keep me busy, but the next seven weeks may be long, my friends.

Jackson 3D

I just want so badly to hold that boy in my arms and see him face to face. I wish it didn’t feel so far away.