Julia and I don’t have the best track record when it comes to Valentine boxes.

Remember The Unicorn? I don’t even have a picture of last year’s box because it was supposed to be a cat that ended up looking like a bunny and it was at the last minute and the arguing and whining distracted me from capturing that beautiful memory.

This year was much more successful. I did not argue or whine! Mostly, I stayed out of the way and let Julia do it herself. I did give her a deadline (we’re just no good at the last minute stuff), helped her Google for ideas (she liked the Valentine Kitten box from Calling All Sleepyheads), and dug up some supplies. Then she created this:

Julia's Valentine Box

She is exceedingly proud of it.

Meanwhile, I took my favorite picture ever of my real cats Picasso and Holy Guacamole!

Picasso and Holy Guacamole!

I love this picture because it captures so perfectly the dynamic of their relationship which is:

Idiot cats