Lucy turned 5 yesterday.

Lucy is 5

(I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about that. And LOTS OF THINGS. Heh, I gave birth less than a month ago – I’m pretty much a weeping sack of feelings! I’ll likely share some of them when I’m not so busy having NICU-flashback panic attacks and obsessively weighing my baby.)

To celebrate Lucy’s big day, I made ice cream cone cupcakes for her preschool class and t-ball team because A) ice cream cone cupcakes are awesome and B) you don’t see them all that often – not because they’re this novel idea, but because no one knows how to transport them. (Remember last time I made them?)

Ice cream cone cupcake

And so I started thinking. Soon, an everyday egg carton…

Clever me!

…became ice cream cone cupcake transport!

Ice cream cone cupcake transport!

It wasn’t an ideal solution, but a solution nonetheless. I still spent several moments delighting in my own brilliance.

Before long, once again, my ingenuity was called upon.

Earlier in the day, I had asked Dave to pick up the gift wrap for Lucy’s presents. He brought home a roll of cellophane. This would not do, obviously, as cellophane is transparent, Dave! Since there was no time to run to the store for gift wrap and I was still high on my success with the ice cream cone cupcake-egg carton transport system I created, with crayons, paper and Julia’s help, I made my own gift wrap in about five minutes.

Improvised gift wrap

I didn’t even get twitchy over the fact that the gift wrap didn’t match the card or the bow or the cake. (The truth is, I forgot the card. And I left the bow off, because, well, it didn’t match.)

You guys, I’m starting to think my perfectionism is waning.