Vacation began, officially, yesterday after Julia’s last day of school.

Check out what pure joy looks like.*

No more pencils, no more books!

I made the balloon wreath that’s also a game from The 36th Avenue and hung it from the door to welcome her home.

Welcome to Summer!

You see, there’s a piece of paper inside each balloon with either a number or a letter T printed on it, and one with a smiley face on it.

Balloon wreath

The plan was to take it to the back yard, but it was so cold and windy yesterday, we decided to bring it inside. Dave found the box our T.V. came in and hung the wreath from it and we handed the kids some darts.

Julia throws a dart.

They all took turns throwing their dart to try and pop the balloons.

Phoebe's turn!

(We let Phoebe stand a little closer.)

And when they did, they got to pull pieces of candy from a big bowl according to the number on the paper that was inside it. If they got a T, they took another turn. If they got the smiley face, they got a big pack of Twizzlers. Because Twizzlers in our house are like cigarettes in prison.

It was super fun.

Then we – all of us, even me – headed off to Lucy’s first t-ball game, which they won.

Lucy's first t-ball game

You guys, this is going to be a great summer.

*Can you name the movie that line is from?