I drink tea each morning with breakfast. Yogi tea is my favorite brand because I get a message on my tea bag.

Inspiration from my tea bag

Together we can do what we can never do alone.

Isn’t that the truth?

Our van still isn’t fixed because MONEY and since it’s the only vehicle we have that all the kids can fit in, we’ll probably be spending a whole lot of our summer days at home. And that’s okay with me. I’d like for summer to be slow, to allow time for exploration, imagination, and creativity. My best summer memories from childhood are from days like that.

Berry picking along the railroad tracks. Riding my bike. Reading an entire book in an afternoon on a blanket under our butternut tree. Making bracelets and necklaces, then opening a jewelry store on my front porch. Playing kick ball with my friends until it got dark. Catching lightning bugs.

These are the sort of things we do when we’ve got time on our hands, not during the hour we have between piano and softball.

Still, stuff needs to get done and it’s easy to let summer days pass without doing it, especially if they’re things we don’t really want to do or they happen to be things that frequently get put off in lieu of Something Better To Do. So. I read How to Make Your Summer at Home with Kids Count over at Thriving Home. It’s full of some pretty great ideas, but the one I’ve decided to try is a daily fridge schedule, which is basically a magnetic list of our usual activities that we can rearrange into a schedule for the day.

This is what ours looks like.

Daily Fridge Schedule

I think we’ll be adding some items, but this gives you the gist.

I introduced the idea to the kids this weekend and said, “We’ll start on Tuesday, after the holiday.” But they wanted to do it right away, so we set up our day over breakfast. You guys, maybe it’s because it’s something new and maybe it won’t last, but it was like a miracle.

Julia grabbed for the T.V. remote and Lucy stopped her, “Julia, it’s not T.V. time, yet.”

And Julia said, “Alright. I’ll just read a book.”

They reminded me that they needed to practice piano. And when I let them choose when they wanted to Clean Up, they actually DID IT.

This idea is brilliant. Honestly, I’m not sure what I’d be doing without the ideas and inspiration I find on the internet.

Together we can do what we can never do alone.

Amen, Yogi tea bag. Amen.

Of course, we’ll have some days when the fridge schedule won’t apply. But for much of the time, I think it’ll work. Mostly, because it’s flexible.

What does your summer look like?