Well, we’ve finally checked something off on our Summer To-Do List (other than SLEEP IN). We made Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders!

Phoebe and her bird feeder

Julia and her bird feeders

Lucy and her bird feeders

The girls each made two and we hung them all over our yard and let the birds discover them.

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

The next day, I made our Fact of the Day about birds.

Fact of the Day

And after breakfast, we went outside and sat as quietly as our bunch can and waited to see if we could catch any birds eating from our feeders. When it started to get a little boring, we hopped in the car and went to a place where we knew we’d see a bird.

Baby Bald Eagle

That’s a baby bald eagle. (Check #2 off our list!) My friend April tipped us off to a nearby nest and it’s pretty incredible. And popular. There were three people there when we showed up. One was a kind woman who stayed a while and helped the girls to spot the nest. Six or seven more people showed up before we left. One woman, who told me she’d been visiting there since the birds had started building the nest, let the girls show her where it was and tell her all about it. Then she told us about her son who had just graduated.

“I remember when he was that small,” she said, nodding toward my crew. “You know, when they want you all the time.” Her eyes got misty. “That goes away, you know.”

She looked at me and smiled. “You are so very blessed.”

“I really feel that I am,” I said. I wanted to hug her. Lucy did instead.

We didn’t see either of the adult eagles while we were there, but we’ll go back again.

After a few days with our bird feeders up at home, we’ve found a pair of cardinals are our best customers.

Here’s the male.

Male cardinal

And the female.

Female cardinal in a tree

(She’s in the tree and her colors aren’t as bold as her partner’s, but you can see her there.)

I’ve been trying to snap a picture of them actually eating from our feeders, but they just won’t stick around when we shout, “THERE THEY ARE!!!!”

I keep telling myself that, one day, I’m going to get up before the kids, sit out on the porch in the early morning sun, in the quiet, and get the shot. But, I don’t know. Right now I’m pretty committed to sleeping in.

*That’s a lyric from the song “Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen, also remade (even cooler) by the Ramones.