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I’ve been grumpy. But, it’s hard to stay that way when you’ve got belly full of chocolate chip pancakes and this ahead of you.

Out for a walk

Also, look at the butterfly pictures I took while we were out walking.


I’m practically a butterfly whisperer/professional photographer!


Obviously. (Not really.)

I am, however, the maker of what was supposed to be 3D paint.

Bee painting

The recipe according to my Moms’ Lifesavers: Tips to Help Make Life Easier for New Mothers book: Mix 1/2 cup school glue with 1/2 cup of shaving cream.

Lucy and Julia painting

Then add drops of food coloring until you achieve your desired hue.

Julia's 3D paint sunrise

Folks, I’m here to tell you that measuring shaving cream is tricky business.

3D paint pictures

That stuff expands, you know.

3D paint.  Needs more shaving cream.

I think we needed more shaving cream.

*Edited to add:

More butterfly

Even more butterfly

The most butterfly

Alright stop. Collaborate and listen.

It’s hot, yo, and our air conditioning isn’t working, per the norm. So we’ve been trying to stay cool by playing with ice. Ice, baby.

We’ve done this ice transfer experiment my friend Toni shared with us a few times.

Transferring ice

See, the kids transfer ice from one bowl to another using a variety of tools.

Ice transfer

They can determine which tool is easiest to use and why.

"I got it!"

They can hone their gross motor skills.

Julia, eating the ice

They can eat the ice!

Eating the ice

And you know that one idea that was all over Pinterest about filling water balloons with colored water and freezing them for winter decorations and/or play? Well, we did it.


Smaller and in summer, obviously.

Frozen water balloons

Though I probably could have skipped on coloring the water.


Because they ate those, too.

How are you staying cool?

My Babies

The girl.

My Baby Girl

Yep, that’s dirt on her nose. And her dress is on backwards.

The boy.

My Baby Boy

Makes me wish “baby, you light up my world like nobody else” wasn’t a One Direction lyric.

Geocaching in Zoar

It’s pretty rare that both Dave and my mom are around on a weekday, but it actually happened, quite unexpectedly, on Friday afternoon. Since we need at least three pairs of hands to wrangle our wayward sons (and by sons, I mean daughters, and by daughters, I mostly mean Bee) when we’re out in the wild, we decided to make the most of the extra extremities and headed out to do some geocaching around the Zoar Wetland Arboretum.

My girls at the Zoar Wetland Arboretum

Follow us!

We’d had a blast of violent storms roll through the area earlier in the week and we saw evidence of that all through the woods.

Trees bent by the storm

Tree down over the trail

We cleared the path – when we could – as we went, and we found our first cache with ease.

After the find

Jackson was unimpressed.

Jackson geocaching

Our second cache location took us to the opposite side of the marsh and it was the area I liked best.

On the path to the cache

Dogwood Grove

Lucy had traded a siren whistle for a rubber frog at the first cache. Here is a photograph of her enjoying her prize at Dogwood Grove.

Lucy cache prize

It’s meaningful to share this as the frog no longer wholly exists. Julia claimed the legs, Phoebe the head – we think. The prominent theory is that she ate it.

Finding a geocache

Don’t worry, though. There were balloons in the second cache. They got to fight over those the whole way home.

Zoar Wetland Arboretum

It’s like the potpourri category on Jeopardy, except – no. It’d be a category called My Kids. Anyway, people allowed me to pronounce it pot-pour-eee for entirely too long.

Baby Jackson.


I’ve never heard Phoebe call him Jackson. It’s Baby Jackson. Always. And I love that.

Phoebe and Lucy were in the mood to paint today and asked me to whip up a batch of sidewalk paint, which I did.

Sidewalk paint

But I didn’t use my usual recipe. Instead, I used this Fizzing Sidewalk Paint recipe from the Kids Activities Blog, which doesn’t fizz until you spray it with the final ingredient. So, I gave the girls their paint and asked them to paint me something and I would show them a surprise.

Bee's heart

Bee painted a heart. Then I handed her The Magic Spray.


She LOVED it! Lucy, too. They eventually brawled over the bottle, but it’s because they LOVED it.

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

For the fizzing as well as the simple act of spraying. Golly, kids love to spray things. I’ve got this Bug Spray game from Toddler Approved on my to-do list for that very reason.

They also (still) love gigantic bubbles.

Bee's bubble

Julia's bubble dress

Lucy's bubble rainbow

Those never get old.

And the tire swing.

Bee on the tire swing

Swinging sisters

And now I’m really just showing you pictures, so check out this hummingbird that likes to eat at our house.


It's eating!


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