Our resident school district changed their security policy to allow employees to carry guns, and so, my girls started school this year in a new district. We were heading out the door this morning before they even had to be awake last year, but they didn’t seem to mind, in fact, they were pretty damn excited.

First day of school!

What you’re looking at up there is a fourth grader – as in a locker-having, classroom-changing, there’s a policy about public displays of affection in the handbook for goodness sake MIDDLE SCHOOLER! – and da da da dum: a Kindergartener.

My Kindergartener!

She’s walking like it’s 1986 (i.e. an Egyptian).

Now, you might think it’s a giant pain in the ass to open enroll your kids in another school district and you would be right. But if you were me, you’d also be so very, very thankful. You guys, I am loving so much about these new schools. And Julia’s locker number is the same as her softball number, which we believe proves this is where they are Meant To Be.

Since I’m also a new face at these schools, I decided to make each of the girls’ teachers a little gift so they’d know I’m super-friendly and helpful and maybe a little awesome.

Teacher gifts

(That’s some hand sanitizer with a custom label. I found the free printable tag over at Skip to My Lou.)

I took the gifts to the girls’ open houses, which were crazy busy, so I was glad to have made a great leave-behind item.

Speaking of left behind, here are the two that are stuck with me now.

My babies!

That photo was taken right before the dance party they’re now sleeping off.

Folks, it’s going to be a good year.