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And this marks the end of National Blog/Photo Posting Month.

I’m sick. Again. But thank goodness. If I hadn’t been getting sick, I wouldn’t have seen and captured this today.

Day 30

And Julia wouldn’t have created, what she believes, is the funniest code word for getting sick ever.

“Where’s mommy?”

“Oh, she’s enjoying the sunrise.”

Thanksgiving Highlights

Julia made the buckeyes by herself for the first time this year.

Making buckeyes

She did it herself

(I think she might have sampled a few along the way.)

Lucy was the official “turkey paster.”

Lucy, the "turkey paster"

Bee was a whirling dervish who insisted on wearing a fancy dress because she felt special, but refused to brush her hair or wash the chocolate off her face.

My whirling dervish

And Jack soaked up some quality time with his dad.

Jack and his daddy

The kids were excited to use the “fancy” glasses at our meal, which was delicious.

Day 29

After, we waddled to the living room and settled in to watch one of my all-time favorite movies – Planes, Trains and Automobiles. When it was finished, Julia said, “Hey, wait. No one move. We’re all here.”

Julia was in her dad’s lap. Lucy was in my mom’s. Bee was in my dad’s. And Jack was in mine.

“No one move. Let’s watch something else together.”

And so we did.

I have a lot to be grateful for today, but there is nothing greater than this.

That for which I am most thankful

What’s the expiration date on this?

On Tuesday, I made our neighbors some pumpkin buckeyes for Thanksgiving.


My plan was to deliver them Wednesday evening, but you know.

Would you deliver them late or not at all?

Thanksgiving is Postponed

I’m sick. So are my parents. Dave’s not, but he’s away at work, anyhow. We’re going to do Thanksgiving on Friday. Or when we can eat again. Until then, I’ll be here.

Day 27

My dad – the healthiest of the sick ones – and the kids have been really great about letting me get some rest. They keep telling me they just really don’t want to watch me throw up in the crayon bucket again, but I know it’s because they love me. I’m thankful for that.

The Heart of Our Home

I had a line from a movie going through my head all day yesterday, but I couldn’t remember which movie it was from or who said it, and I just kept repeating it.

“My whole life is this family, and it does not work without him!”

Me (to everyone, all day): “What movie is that from? Who says that? I don’t think it was a main character. She slams her hand down when she says does not work. And then she cries. I’m pretty sure she cries… She just wants him brought back safe. I’m pretty sure everything turns out okay. What movie does that sound like? Maybe they’re at war or something? I don’t know. What movie could that be?”

Everyone: “…”

I won’t keep you in suspense. It’s from Jerry Maguire. And if you already knew that, where were you yesterday?!?!

I thought of it because it sums up how I feel about Dave.

We have this thing hanging in our house.

At the heart of home there's mom.

It’s sweet. It’s not true.

This is true: At the heart of our home is the love Dave and I have for each other. I’m thankful for that.

The cuteness. It doesn’t stop.

Jack and I are always together, but I still make it a point to have some one-on-one time where I can focus solely on him each day. We call it Mommy-Jackson Quiet Time. (Actually, we sing it.) It happens right after dinner. The girls read – or at least they’re supposed to be reading and not wrestling – and I get Jack ready for bed. He has his bath, a massage, and a story, and then I nurse him and cuddle him to sleep. I look forward to it every day.

Day 25

I don’t think it’s hard to see why.

The Sick

It started with Julia on Friday night. She threw up. A lot. The next day was better. She slept for most of it, but the puking seemed to be done. So when we all woke up this morning, happy and healthy, I thought we were in the clear and decided we should try to take some pictures for our Christmas card.

This was about half an hour before it hit the rest of them.

Day 24

Since then it’s been like the barf-o-rama at the pie eating contest in Stand By Me.

Owl Be Loving You (forever)

My dad turned 60 today and, for that reason, I made him a cake. The girls felt it would be best if the cake resembled an owl and, thanks to this brilliant post from Jessica at My Inner Need To Create, I believe it does.

Owl Cake for Dad's 60th Birthday

Or it did. This is all that’s left.

This used to be an owl cake.

My dad and Lucy ate the eyes first. Weirdos.

It’s okay to play in the puddles.

“One, two, three!”

1-2-3 jump!


Day 22

And splash!

Again and again. Her shoes, socks and jeans got all wet and muddy, but they can be washed or replaced. Anyway, the giggles were worth it.

Two Things

First, a haiku.

A frustrating day!
I did a bunch of stuff, but
accomplished nothing.

Second, a link.

You Don’t Have To Be Pretty (And Other Advice For Daughters.)*

*Thanks to Veronica for sharing this with me.

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