Month: February 2014

Julia got glasses.

My girl with glasses

She put them on and was stunned by all the things she hadn’t been seeing.

“I can read that sign over there!”

“You couldn’t read it before?”

“I didn’t even know it had words on it before!!!”

I’m just so thankful we figured it out. She’d seemed so tired and somber lately that I was getting concerned. I mentioned it to her teachers and one of them suggested that she might be having trouble seeing. And that’s a much better problem than the ones I was fearing!

Anyway. I think they suit her.

Jack Discovers Snow, Is Unimpressed (or just really tired)


“Jack, you’re in the snow!”

Discovering snow

Snow, huh?

What is that stuff?

Is that what that is?

Can we go in now?

Can we go in now?

Where do you go, my lovely?*

This place has been quiet for 33 days, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without publishing something here. I might have gone longer had I not decided to make heart-shaped Jell-o cookies in six different colors for both Julia and Lucy’s Valentine parties at school.

Jello Cookies for the Valentine Parties

Look at them!

Okay, they don’t look like much, especially compared to Helen’s. (I found the recipe on her blog.) But they tasted great. And they were a lot of work, which is why I’m showing them to you now. They represent an entire day of my life.

Along with the cookies, the girls took the valentines they made for their classmates to school. Lucy made handprint hearts.

Lucy's Handprint Heart Valentines

Julia made origami lollipop hearts.

Julia's Origami Heart Lolipop Valentines

Meanwhile, these two have been sleeping together.

Kitty love

*Remember that song?

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