We’ve been having Family Game Night every other week since the start of the year and it’s been a whole lot of fun.

Family Game Night

We kicked it off with a new edition of a classic game: Clue. Lucy won, so she got to pick the game for the next game night.

Week 2: Wits and Wagers Party and Blokus. Lucy won, again. On both counts. And it’s not like we were letting her!

Week 3: Another classic. Mousetrap. Grandma & Phoebe won.

Week 4: Uno. Lucy won, of course.

Week 5: Wits and Wagers Party, again. And I won, with the help of my supportive sidekick, Jackson.

Week Six: Our new favorite game. (It’s the one in the picture.) Ticket To Ride. Lucy won – on game night as well as three out of the next five times we played!

Week Seven: Clue. Because Lucy never tires of Clue. Grandma won – on her first guess! So, we played again and I won, but Grandma gets to choose the next game.

Do you have any suggestions?