Month: February 2015

Things We Made for Valentine’s Day

Julia made her own valentines this year on her computer.

For her class:

Julia's Valentines

And a throwback for her teachers:

Julia's teacher Valentines

(She attached her crayon hearts to a free printable card from The Long Thread.)

Lucy didn’t want homemade valentines for school so, she picked valentines from the store – My Little Pony for the girls and Sports for the boys. She wrote them out and attached a mini-Twix to each, because Twix is her favorite and the important thing about all this is that she did it all by herself, MOM.

Both girls made valentine kabobs to share with their classmates.

Valentine Treats

And, since Dave is working on Valentine’s Day, I made brownies for him to take along and share with his coworkers.

Brownies with a strawberry heart

Phoebe chose to give Hershey kiss pipe cleaner rings to her dance classmates.

Bee and her Valentine

Phoebe's Valentines

And they all made long distance hugs like the ones we saw at The Party Event for great grandma.

Tomorrow will bring the distribution of chocolate hearts, hershey kisses, and cards to the kids. Also, hopefully, a post-bedtime viewing of the 1985 film Secret Admirer for me.


I tried two new recipes in the past week and they were BOTH big hits! This rarely happens. I am a minimally skilled cook on a minimal budget, preparing meals for four kids, two parents, and one “basic” husband. Ordinarily there’s someone who isn’t jazzed about what I’m putting on the table. But conditions were perfect. The recipes were for the crock pot – my wheelhouse. I’m really quite good at throwing ingredients together and walking away until they become a meal. I had most of the ingredients on hand already. My regular dinner rotation was getting tired and we were short on snack food. Everyone was pretty hungry for something new come dinnertime.

So, the meals. Slow-Cooker White Bean and Kielbasa Stew and Ham and Wild Rice Soup. The stew actually seemed more like soup, and the soup cooked up like a stew, but the thing about it is they tasted good enough that the kids cleaned their bowls and the leftovers were all eaten.

I’ll be making them again.

Another thing I’ll do again? Sock curls! Julia and I had seen them at Cute Girls Hairstyles and decided to give them a try.

Sock curls

Sock curls - the result

Super cute. Super fast. Super easy.


This is Fluffy Ufferton, the most recent addition to our indoor cat gang.

Fluffy Ufferton at the piano with Julia

He loves Julia.

Fluffy Ufferton loves music

He really loves Julia when she plays the piano.

Fluffy Ufferton loves Julia

And she loves him back.

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