Some good friends of ours have both a closet book nook and a beneath-the-loft-bed hideaway. Every time we visit them, the kids each find time to steal away into one or both of these spaces. Even with the Super Fantastic Ultra-Terrific Most Amazing Mega-Fun Time Friend Party raging around them, they’ll choose to step away and tuck up in that cozy space for some quiet time alone. So, we’ve made our own.

The book nook

We moved a bookcase under the loft, added some plump pillows and soft lights, and there you have it. We considered curtains, but Jack the Rip-Downer suggested it was not the best idea. Maybe later.

Reading in the book nook

Of the books that live in our nook, here’s the latest and greatest.

Our latest, greatest book

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

Jack suggests his favorite book, also by Neil Gaiman, Chu’s Day.