Today is Julia’s eleventh birthday. Since she’s all about Minecraft, I decided to make her a Minecraft cake, like the one you can make on the game.

Julia's Minecraft Cake for her 11th birthday

Nice and simple. It’s a block! Easy. And it might have been if I’d followed my usual method: make the fondant and bake and frost the cakes the day before, assemble and decorate them after the kids go to bed that night. But I didn’t do it this way. Instead, I set out to baking after the kids went to bed. After two trips to the store for forgotten items, I actually began around 1 a.m. I ended up trying to assemble and decorate after breakfast (and very little sleep) this morning with a whole lot of help from Jack. The truth is, when it comes to cakes, something “simple,” like a block, is actually pretty damn hard to get just right. Also, Jack’s help is best suited for a moon cake. He makes crazy good craters with his pokey fingers.

But, I got it done – along with cupcakes for Julia share at her softball game tonight.

Minecraft cupcakes

The cool kids will know what they are.